The mezzanine platform allows for a flexible layout.

A layout as office, as a playground is quite conceivable, as it becomes a real additional floor.

The prices of these mezzanine platforms are based on their dimensions, complexities, and options chosen.

Indicative prices (including quotation – manufacture – installation).

Mezzanine platform from 2800 CHF

Included: For a 2x2m platform, with a standard Ladder and Fence. Not included: box springs, mattresses, options, adaptations according to the specificities of the room, stairs or special ladder and delivery.


The double Loftbed can be hung or with a foot in a sufficiently long room and enough height.

We can build double loftbeds parallel or face to face depending on your needs

With a central headboard, your children will have room to store their treasures…

The double corner mezzanine with only one ladder and two headboards is also suspended and requires a smaller room than the mezzanine in length.

For adults our structures are more imposing, but can also be suspended under a concrete ceiling.

The prices of all mezzanines may vary according to their dimensions, complexities, and options chosen.

Indicative prices (including quotation – manufacture – installation)

Double Loft bed from 3000 CHF

Included: a fence, a standard ladder and a headboard

Not included: box springs, mattresses, options, adaptations according to the specificities of the room.


Can be fitted with bookshelves or storage space to suit your needs.

The prices of our loft bed constructions can vary, depending on dimensions and selected extras.


Loft bed construction with a single bed (104x214cm) from 2700 CHF.

Included in the price:  Fence, standard ladder.

Not included: Slatted frame, mattress, extras as well as adjustments due to the construction of the room (for plaster ceilings, windows, doors, cupboards, etc.).

What is

Above all, it is a project tailored to contemporary living and a clever solution to the need for housing for an urban population.

What is the aim of the project?

The aim is to gain living space with suspended loft beds without feet, simple and natural, tailored to your needs.

2 good reasons to choose a loft bed, gallery or platform

1. with a loft bed or a gallery, you gain space to increase your living area!
2. let your dreams take off by raising your loft bed!

- From design to handmade construction in our workshop, your platform / mezzanine / loft bed is assembled and installed in your home. - Because we make every project bespoke, each mezzanine / gallery / loft bed is unique and 100% customised to your requirements. - Normal loft beds have an important footprint, with columns and structure on the floor. Sure they can look good and be practical. - Our beds have a very limited floor space, leaving room to live and enjoy. - Also, our structures are furniture, which means that if you want to dismantle them, it's not a problem. It also means that we can install them even if you are a tenant. Whether for your child or for yourself, each mezzanine is handmade to measure. We install them anywhere in Switzerland!

The Hochbett Founders

Two passionate craftsmen travel all over Switzerland to make loft beds, mezzanines, gallery and wooden platforms without feet for children and adults according to your needs.

Olivier Jeannin – Founder & Photographer

Responsible for German-speaking Switzerland

Olivier Jeannin is a craftsman at heart; he has always loved materials, whether silver or wood. During a photography project in Brittany, he discovered working with wood: he built boats with the father of his childhood friend Isaac, the founder of Later, wood returned to Olivier’s life in the form of furniture and home furnishings, which he made for himself personally as well as for clients.

In his photographic work, Olivier Jeannin focuses on old techniques in which the material becomes tangible – and he builds his own cameras. Photography and woodwork merge in the search for balance and sophistication, incorporating the materials of the environment.

In 2018, Olivier joins the great project “mezzanines” (hanging loft beds) of his childhood friend Issac.

Olivier Jeannin – Founder & Photographer

Isaac Gigon – Founder -Craftsman – Designer

Responsible for Western Switzerland

Trained as a graphic designer, Isaac Gigon has always successfully brought together creativity and applied technical craftsmanship. He grew up on a boat with his father, a boat builder, and learned to work with wood at an early age. His passion for wood and his skills grew over the years and with all his experiences.

With a true entrepreneurial spirit, Isaac turned his many travels into successful business models. With, he returns to his greatest passion. Born out of the desire for more space for his own family, the loft bed project fulfils two important needs: To create something for others and to make customized woodwork.

Isaac Gigon – Founder -Craftsman – Designer
  • Ein riesengrosses Dankeschön lieber Olivier für die kompetente Beratung und die sorgfältige Ausführung der Platformen. Alles wurde planmässig fertiggestellt und die beiden Mezzaninen sind wunderschön geworden.
    Das Resultat hat unsere Erwartungen übertroffen ????
    Unsere Jungs sind einfach nur HAPPY und wir können euch nur weiteremfehlen ????


Wie geht es weiter?

Wie läuft ein Mezzanine-Projekt ab? Es gibt 3 Hauptschritte bei der Realisierung Ihres Projekts: Bewertung und Schätzung, Entwurf und Planung, Konstruktion und Errichtung. Jeder Schritt wird im Folgenden erläutert.

Bewertung und Schätzung

In diesem ersten Schritt evaluieren wir die Möglichkeiten und machen einen oder mehrere Vorschläge auf der Grundlage der Dokumente (Fotos, Pläne), die Sie uns zur Verfügung stellen. Aus dieser ersten Analyse können wir Ihnen bereits eine Vorstellung vom Budget geben. Wenn Ihnen dieses Budget zusagt, können wir einen Besuch planen, um die genauen Maße zu nehmen, alle technischen Schwierigkeiten und Zugänge zu sehen und mit Ihnen alle Einzelheiten Ihres Projekts zu besprechen.

Fertigstellung und Konstruktion

Sobald der Besuch abgeschlossen ist, bereiten wir das endgültige Angebot vor. Sobald dies akzeptiert ist, beginnen wir mit dem Entwurf und der Konstruktion Ihres Projekts. Die Lieferzeit beträgt zwischen 1 und 4 Monaten.


Das Datum der Versammlung wird festgelegt, wenn die Anzahlung von 30 % in das Angebot eingezahlt wird. Die Montage dauert zwischen 1/2 Tag und 3 Tagen, je nach Größe und Komplexität Ihres Projekts. Wir fertigen die gesamte Struktur in unserer Werkstatt und montieren sie erst vor Ort.